Founded in 2002, Trendiian Biotech Co., Ltd. hopes to combine the traditional Chinese herbal plant and its professional background with modern technology in the new 21st century, and bet on the Chinese biotechnology business, with the concept of “Life/Natural/Organic/Scientific” The vision, that is, to continue to “for the health of all mankind, the purpose of health care for the grass, and dedication.”

Since its inception, Trendiian Company has developed its own herbal foods based on modern biotechnology and cultivated the elites of  TCM Herbals Food Nutrition Professionals. It has been integrated into a highly professional management team and is self-developed, produced and marketed at home and abroad. Unit cooperation. Construct a complete research and production system. Standardize, scientifically and productize foods and health foods and daily necessities based on Chinese Herbals, and promote them to the whole world, and actively contribute to human health.

It has been a long-standing traditional Chinese concept of health care to use traditional Chinese herbal health foods. However, when purchasing TCM Herbals, the general consumer’s professionalism is insufficient to distinguish the quality and authenticity of Chinese herbal foods. The climate and time of disapproval of harvesting will lead to poor quality, and it is quite difficult to maintain stability and standardization in quality directly affecting the effect of Chinese herbal food. In order to achieve high standardization and high-quality requirements, the procurement of raw materials/processing/to complete production of Trendiian products from research and development/basic sources will use biotechnology to impose strict quality control on Chinese herbal ingredients; Quantify and cultivate rare strains; use standard equipment and ISO-9001 international quality assurance certified factory to produce standardized and quality products. Through standardization and quality, not only can we ensure the quality and efficacy of Chinese herbal foods, but also enable countries around the world to gradually accept and love Chinese herbal health products.

TCM Herbals and related Chinese herbal health foods have become a new health indicator in recent decades. In many new civilization diseases, many Chinese herbal plants are used for clinical research. And his industrial development potential has become the focus of global investors. How to use the grass-roots plant products identified by the base source is also considered to be an important work item to improve the quality of human life, which makes the grass plant gradually become the development trend of the 21st century. Therefore, under the health trend of pursuing natural patterns, the research and development and manufacture of TCM Herbal health food has become the mainstream of future herbal production system invested by biotechnology and manufacturing industries. Biotechnology is the trend of the world and the trend of the times. In the 21st century, biotechnology will lead the global economy to rise again. Its research and development can be said to be every second, and the dedication and responsibility of its achievements have no boundaries.

Due to the attention and rapid emergence of grass plants in science and technology in Europe and the United States, many types of Chinese grass plants are listed as one of the most promising star products. Through the clinical experience accumulated over the past several thousand years, the principles of the use of Chinese herbal health have been integrated into extremely valuable materials. Through the accumulated empirical experience of the past generations and the verification of Western science, we will be able to screen out new scientific and health foods that meet the health trend from the grass. Therefore, when applying and promoting Chinese herbal foods, the company will conduct international exchanges from time to time in terms of technology research; in terms of product design and sales, it will consider the global market as a strategy, and then The growth potential has expanded to an international village without borders. This is the challenge of the future and the highest indicator of the vision of the company.

Trendiian biotechnology combined with the competitive advantages of the principle, theory, and application of the Chinese grass, the development of the new goal of the grass health food and the research and development of daily necessities, it is true that the development potential of the traditional Chinese herbal health food is unlimited, and this will be the future. A dazzling star on the international stage. Actively pursuing technological innovation and breakthrough is the biggest characteristic of the Pharmacy Company. We will continue to work hard towards high-tech goals and pursue excellence in products. In addition to the professional R&D center and ISO-9001 international quality assurance certification factory manufacturing technology cooperation, it also combines Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Nanjing Agricultural University, China Pharmaceutical University, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, organic agriculture and organic Chinese herbal medicine Nanjing Agricultural University Food Research Institute Experts and professors such as the Institute of Organic Chinese Medicine Environmental Science and Technology Industry of the City of Yuanzhou Yuanyuan assisted in research and development, and dozens of consultants from the Taiwan University invested in the field of biotechnology, and continued to develop diversified biotechnology natural herbal products food/cleaning products. / and natural beauty care cleaning supplies, etc., in collaboration with the production; at the same time set up a working platform in mainland China to expand the company’s operating map. Extend traditional Chinese herbal medicines to the world.

In the management strategy, the company focuses on research and development, technical processes, strict control of the original and extraction processes, how to retain product activity and master the manufacture of products. In terms of sales, it cooperates with sales systems at home and abroad (for example, traditional pharmacy, Chinese medicine hospital, western hospital, beauty salon, etc.) to use the own brand of each sales system to provide semi-finished products or finished products required by customers. The product is packaged as a finished product by itself or a packaged finished product is sold by each sales system. Through this generation of design and production of ODM, OEM methods, the business of the Trendiian can be expanded and extended indefinitely. The company adheres to its entrepreneurial spirit to continuously research and develop, internationalize its own raw materials and products, maintain a high degree of growth, enhance business performance and create the best interests of all. With this commitment to innovation, breakthrough and active practice, we will continue to dedicate our heart and thoughts, and strive to provide better quality for modern people in Taiwan and the world.