Privacy Notice
This website is operated by “Chundian Biotech Co., Ltd.”; in order to support personal data protection and protect personal privacy, the company wishes to You explain the purpose, type, scope and manner of use of your personal data, and the rights to exercise your income; if you have a personal notice about the company, the following related matters, or related matters related to the protection of personal data If you have any questions, please contact our service center. The company will reply as soon as possible.

  • The Company’s Privacy Statement and the notices it contains are only applicable to websites and mobile applications owned and operated by the Company.
  • The Company and the Mobile App may contain many links or services provided by other partners. For the privacy statements of these linked sites or partner sites and the notifications related to the protection of personal data, please refer to The linked site or partner site.

Purpose and category of profile collection
  • The company conducts marketing, customer management and services, provides online shopping and other e-commerce services, fulfills statutory or contractual obligations, protects the rights of parties and related stakeholders, property insurance, liability insurance, after-sales service, handling For the purpose of the prize-winning activities (including confirming the identity of the winner, providing gifts and legally opening the withholding voucher, etc.) and operating the business as defined in the business registration project or the articles of association, depending on the nature of each service, your name may be collected. , birthday, ID number, contact method (including but not limited to telephone, E-mail, and address, etc.), service unit, job title, information required to complete payment or payment, IP address, and others can be directly or indirectly Identify the personal data of the user’s identity.
  • In addition, in order to improve the quality of service, the company will record the user’s IP address and browsing activities on the company’s related websites according to the nature of the services provided (for example, the software and hardware used by the user, The selected web page), as well as the usage record of the mobile application, but the information is only for traffic analysis and online behavior survey, in order to improve the service quality of the company’s related websites and mobile applications. The analysis of the total amount will not be linked to a specific individual.

Usage of personal data
  • The personal data collected by the company that is sufficient to identify the user’s identity is only for the company’s internal processing and use according to the purpose of collection unless otherwise stated, or necessary to complete the service or fulfill the contractual obligations. Or provide assistance to the insurer for assistance in the event of insurance accidents, or in accordance with the relevant laws or regulations or the orders or requirements of the competent authority, otherwise the company will not provide personal information sufficient to identify the user to a third party (including Use within or outside of the country for collection purposes.
  • The Company will continue to store, process and use the relevant materials during the period in which the contract is valid and during the period in which the Act is required to be kept.

Information Security
  • The Company will maintain the security of personal data with reasonable technology and procedures in line with industry standards.

The rights of the data subject
  • The data subject may request to access, read my personal data or request a copy, but the company may charge the necessary costs and fees.
  • If your personal information changes or you find that your personal information is incorrect, you can ask the company to modify or correct it. When the purpose of collecting personal data disappears or the period expires, you may request that you delete, stop processing or use your personal data. However, this is not the case for the company to perform its duties or business.

  • In order to facilitate users, our website may use cookie technology to provide services that are more suitable for the user’s personal needs; cookies are a technology used by web servers to communicate with user browsers, which may be in use. Some information is stored on the user’s computer, and the company’s website also reads the cookie information stored on the user’s computer.
  • Users can cancel or restrict this feature via the browser settings, but some website features may not be available. If you would like to know how to cancel or restrict this feature, please contact our service center.

  • According to the nature of each service, in order to provide the relevant services smoothly, or to enable the relevant transactions to be successfully completed or fulfilled, if you are unwilling to provide relevant personal information required by the service or transaction to the company and Agree to the Company’s legal requirements for such personal data, and this Privacy Statement and its related notices are related to the collection, processing, use and international transmission of personal data, the company will respect your decision, but in accordance with each service The nature or condition, you may not be able to use such services or complete related transactions, the company reserves the right to agree to provide such related services or complete related transactions.

Right to Amend
  • The Company reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement and related notices at any time and may post them on the Company’s website or in the appropriate location of the mobile application after revision. You may always visit our website at any time without notice. Or the mobile app to read the revised privacy statement and related notices.