American ginseng of BoAn-Tang


Product Description:

Amerian Ginseng contains a variety of nutrients such as saponins, polysaccharides, volatile oils, various amino acids, and more than 10 trace elements. In addition, various amino acids can regulate physiological functions, nourish and strengthen the body and enhance physical strength… In addition, American ginseng is a kind of health care product for men, women, and children all ages, especially for teenagers in the review period. It is very beneficial to enhance physical strength. The prenatal and postpartum disease is weak and vulnerable, lack of vitality, daily health care before and after surgery, and middle-aged and elderly people are the most valuable health care products.

How to use:

Put 10 pieces of yam into a cup of about 350 cc, brew with 212 F degrees of boiling water, place in 5 minutes to drink and it’s can rebrew 2-3 times

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Health Products

Product Name: American ginseng of BoAn-Tang
Product Code: CAA003
Content volume: (150 g / box)
Suggested selling price: NT$ 4600 yuan
Ingredient Description: Western ginseng
Recommended dosage: 10 tablets each time


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