[Royal Dew] Astragalus Tea bucket


Product Description:
Astragalus has been a popular health product since ancient times. The description of the Compendium of Materia Medica indicates that Astragalus is a leguminous plant native to northeastern China, usually harvesting 4-7 years old roots in spring.

In the development of the chundian biotechnology, uses traditional science and modern technology to develop an excellent-flavored Astragalus tea bag with good taste. It is freeze-dried with modern high-tech technology and sterilized by machine to make the tea bag could appear the herbals of Astragalus, WolfBerry and Red Dates, The raw materials are strictly controlled so that the nutritional content of Astragalus tea can keep retaining. The company uses 100% of the original TCM herbals, raw materials, natural and non-polluting herbs, without any additives and Preservatives that can make a precious health product.

Product Features:
Healthy Drinks for Modern People in the 21st Century
The Astragalus tea bag contains “Astragalus, WolfBerry, Red Dates”, which can nourish the body, nourish beauty, etc., can alleviate the stress and anxiety of modern people, reduce the pollution of the environment to the body so that you can handle with a busy day and night. With a healthy and energetic person, this product is suitable for your long-term health care best health tea, it is suitable for four seasons to drink, it is suitable for both hot and cold, and can immediately release the good flavor and nutrition after brewing. The ingredients are easy to carry with the carry-on bag and suitable for modern people.
Suitable for: The person who has heavy work and exhausted

How to use:
Put a bag of Astragalus tea into a cup of about 350c.c and brew it with boiling water of 212F degrees. After about 5 minutes, take the tea bag and drink it, it can rebrew 1-2 times.

Review of the Consumers Association of Taiwan

The products of the ChunDian Biotech Company have been evaluated by natural techniques and natural plants and organisms. We are extracted and preserved by Newest technology and biotechnology. We are refined and purified herbals by traditional ancient methods. We combine precious minerals and nutrients, and the quality is strictly controlled. Adding materials, developing a comprehensive range of high-quality food and skin care products, We care your outside and inside; the products have been awarded ISO9001 international product guarantee, have been insured for the high liability insurance of Cathay century, and set up a 0800 free service line, the outer packaging is clearly marked. Protecting consumers’ rights and sustainable business quality service concept, providing a variety of healthy and energetic choices, is an indispensable nourishing and maintenance product for busy modern people, and has been awarded the “Top Product Golden Diamond Award”.

If there is any inquiry or service for our products, please call the representative line 0800-080-111 or 8862-2452-1234(abroad customer) to the business department.

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Product Name: [Royal Dew] Astragalus Tea bucket
Product Code: CAA001
Content: 250 g / can, 2 cans / box
Suggested selling price: NT$ 1200 yuan
Ingredients Description: Astragalus, WolfBerry, Red Dates
Recommended dosage: general health care; 1-2 times a day, 12 grams each time (about one spoonful of a bamboo spoon)suitable for hot and cold, hot drinks, please brew with 212 degrees F water, cold drink, please soaking with cool water and put it in the refrigerator.


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