[Royal Dew]Pomegranate with a pearl in powder


Product Description:

Pomegranate is also known as a ruby in fruit, one of the oldest fruits in the world. The origin is located in Iran. Pomegranate has been regarded as a precious fruit tree since centuries BC. Since ancient times, pomegranates have been widely used in both the eastern and western countries. The variety of food nutrients contained in the pomegranate gives you the beauty of the interior.

Pomegranate contains plant-like beautiful elements: polyphenols, ellagic acid, anthocyanins.

A variety of nutrients, such as folic acid potassium vitamin K calcium zinc, there is several traces element more than other fruits, for example, folic acid is about 38 times cranberry, calcium is about 2 times that of banana. (Source: USDA National Nutrient Database)

Fit for:

The group of love beauty and vegetarians are edible.

Product Features:

MADE IN TAIWAN. Contains phytoestrogens, improve your External beauty and helps maintain health. ChunDian biotechnology exclusive professional formula, using 100% natural pearl powder, 100% natural pomegranate fruit, retain a several of natural plant extracts (22 kg of selected fresh pomegranate to extracts 1 kg of pomegranate fruit powder), there is lossless of nutrition,  No artificial additives (100% natural 0 added medicine, 0 added sugar, 0 pigments, 0 preservatives).


It can be taken directly by cold and warm water.

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Product Name: [Royal Dew]Pomegranate with a pearl in powder
Product Code: CAA003
Content Amount: (2 g / bag) 30 bags / box
Suggested selling price: NT$ 1499 yuan
Ingredients Description: 99% Pomegranate. 1% Pearl
Recommended dosage: 1 time per day, 1 packet each time


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