[YoYoMe] Soap


  • Clean hair scalp, pores dirty, remove excess oil
  • Maintain conditioning scalp health
  • It has a unique bubble foam can smooth and delicate, can wash the face and the whole body excess oil, purify pores and skin surface dirt, remove excess, promote skin metabolism, add aloe vera extract essence and vitamin E, so that the skin is soft and comfortable, after the skin is not tight;


Series of Skincare

Product Name: [YoYoMe] Soap
Product number: A01
Content: 135g s 5g/block
Recommended Price: NT$ 540 Yuan
Ingredients Description: Soap-based glycerin, Taiwan Angelica Root, natural foaming agent, Vitamin E, aloe extract
Recommended dosage: after the palm is wet, take the appropriate amount of soap to rub the skin lightly, wash it with water.


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