[YoYoMe] Eucommia pearl extract osmosis mask


Natural Eucommia extract, and the first reverse osmosis technology focusing on keeping the skin moist, strengthening the muscles

The skin is aging and even skin tone, so that the skin can be restored from the inside to the outside with a lustrous, delicate and smooth, returning to the girl’s bright and shiny skin.

Improves skin’s protection against environmental damage, soothes skin discomfort, prevents chapped, rough, and maintains skin health. particular

The addition of pearl protein makes the skin shiny and restores luster from the inside out.

Adding fat-soluble vitamin C improves dullness, evens skin tone, and brightens skin.

Adds marine collagen to moisturize, leaving skin with moisture and maintaining full elasticity.

Add four peptides to wrinkle and wrinkle.

Add dipeptide to prevent skin aging.

Usage: 1. After the face is cleaned.

2. With the blue film facing outward, apply the mask to the face to cover the entire face (avoid the eye area).

3. Then tear off the blue film, smooth the unevenness, and squeeze out excess air.

4. After about 15-20 minutes, take the mask and gently pat the face to completely absorb the essence. No need to wash.

5. Use 1-3 times a week often used according to the actual condition of the skin.


1. Do not expose the product to wounds, rashes, eczema, ulcers and abnormal skin areas.

2. If the skin is red, swollen, inflamed, or uncomfortable, stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist.

3. Do not expose to high temperatures and direct sunlight. The retention period is three years.

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Series of Skincare

Product Name: YoYoMe eucommia pearl plant extract osmosis mask
Product ID: A03
Content: 25ml / piece (5 pieces / box)
Suggested selling price: NT$ 590
Ingredients: Eucommia extract, fat-soluble vitamin C, marine collagen, pearl protein, tetrapeptide, dipeptide
Recommended dosage: 1-3 times a week, often used can see the change of actual condition of the skin


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