What situation can be refunded/exchanged?

products do not exceed the seven-day appreciation period. (seven days after arrival).

The product itself must not be dirty or damaged, if the product is dirty, If the situation occurs due to human damage, please do not return the goods, please forgive us.

Returned items must be in full order and in full packaging (including outside Packaging, event gifts, etc., there is no “partial return”. The products on this site are all food, there is no open trial, after the opening, the goods cannot be accepted for return except the product has defect.

Consumers in the islands of Taiwan and outside of Taiwan.

Received damages caused by wrong goods or non-consumer errors, defective products, for example, damage caused by the transportation process and poor product quality.

After you receive the goods, please confirm the goods you ordered, if there is any damage caused by non-consumer factors, scratches, or incomplete packaging damage caused by transportation, please inform us as soon as possible, we will carry out product defects or damage identification. And replace your new product as soon as possible.

if Want to return / exchange, how to deal with it?

Please call the toll-free line during the seven-day appreciation period0800-800-111, after the company handles your return/exchange, or write to our Customer Service  Mail than provide your 1. Order number 2. Name and contact number 3. Receiving address 4. Reason for return / exchange. If you are overdue, you will not be able to apply for refund/exchange. Please forgive us.

To speed up your return/replacement, if it is To place a payment, please order it after ordering. Please log in to the account as soon as possible to confirm whether your order status is “Processing”; “Processing” means that it has not been shipped yet, you can directly press 【cancel order】. Similarly, if you want to exchange the goods after ordering, if the order status is “Processing”, press [Cancel Order] and then place the order again.

Unable to apply for “partial return”, only accept the entire order return, payment Refunds will be made according to your payment method.

Returns Need to pay for shipping?

Receive a 7-day appreciation period for the item,  Only Apply for a return shipping free once.

Returns After the refund time?

It takes 3-7 working days for the product to be returned to the Trendiian (not including holidays), the company will confirm whether the goods are correct and complete after receiving the goods. After the process, the relevant refund process will be entered. The refund operation time is about 7-14 working days. Payment will be refunded according to your payment method.

Other Precautions

When you want to return, according to the Civil Code, you and the phenolic code should Mutual transaction is relieved of the original status, so:

1. Please keep the brand new state, and please ensure that the main products, invoices, related accessories, etc. are not missing, and returned together with the original packaging, So that the Trendiian will handle the refund for you…

2. If the returned goods are damaged, worn, scratched, dirty, damaged by the consumer due to improper use, disassembly, etc. In the case of incompleteness, the Company will refund the cost of the recovery to you, or request the price of the commodity in proportion to the preservation of the goods.

3. After you apply for the return, please take the initiative to obtain the documents from the Hsinchu logistics and freight personnel, and keep until the return is completed, in order to facilitate future inquiries.