►►►Taiwan Consumers

&nbsp What are the available delivery methods?

Only the “Send to the specified address (except PO Box)” service is currently available. Send goods in HCT Logistics.

&nbsp How is the shipping cost calculated?

A single order full of NT$1800 (limited to Taiwan) will be eligible for free shipping.

Unsuccessful amount, single order A NT$100 logistics fee will be charged.

How Modify the order, shipping address or cancel the order?

The order content cannot be modified after the order is sent. If you need to modify, please contact the customer service hotline before sending the product: 0800-800-111.

If the order is not “cash on delivery” or It is the status of “Payment”, consumers can’t cancel the order by themselves, need to contact us to cancel, call the toll-free service line 0800-800-111 or write to Customer Email.

Outside Islands Can the area be sent?

There is no free shipping discount for NT$1800 in Taiwan’s Outer Islands. Please forgive us. Regardless of the size of the order, each order will be charged NT$250 logistics fee. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Order It takes a few days after the goods to receive the goods.

Normal shipping time is, today’s order, received within 2 working days, excluding the day of the order, holiday and the outlying islands.

To track progress, after completing the order Please go to the official website of the official website to check the E-mail of the order status notice.

►►►Consumers in Mainland China


Do you have any services sent to mainland China?

Yes. Consumers in mainland China are welcome to using Paypal.If you want to use WeChat Pay or Alipay, please contact the Business Department +886-2-2452-1234 or write to our Customer Service Box. For details and methods, please contact the Business Department+886-2-2452-1234.

►►►International Consumers


Is there an international delivery service?

Yes. International consumers are welcome to pay using Paypal. The normal shipping time is, today’s order, 7-10 working days received, excluding the day of the order, Taiwan holiday and local holidays. For details and methods, please contact the Business Department+886-2-2452-1234.